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Reasons to avoid selling your number plate through eBay

When looking to sell a private number plate, many people turn to eBay, and why wouldn't they? After all, eBay is a great place to sell your unwanted items and free up cash! However, because people are used to selling items of lower value on eBay, what they often don't realise until it's too late, is that eBay is not so great for selling items that have such a large value attached to them, like personalised number plates. This is because of the way that eBay calculates its fees.

Let us give you an example...

If you were to advertise your number plate on eBay with a starting price of £1,000, and a reserve price of £1,500, even for a very basic advert with no extras like photos, subtitles, buy it now etc. you will pay an Insertation Fee of £0.35, and a Listing Upgrade Fee of £59.86 (for setting a reserve price).

That's £60.21 every time regardless of whether your plate sells or not. If your plate doesn't sell, you may then want to relist it, but would you really wan't to pay those fees all over again? You can see how this can add up!!!

Presuming your plate did then sell, you would then have to pay eBay a final value fee of £199.87 (that's around 10% of the total selling price)!

Fees for selling a private number plate on eBay

So that's £60.21 every time you advertise, even if your plate doesn't sell, and £199.87 if it does, which we're sure you'll agree, is quite a lot of money!

Obviously the figures we've given above are probably not going be accurate for your plate, so don't take our word for it, head over to eBay's very own fee calculator to plug in some figures about your reg and see how much selling your number plate on eBay will cost you.

What's the alternative?

You could advertise your plate with a dealer, which often won't cost you anything upfront, but much like an estate agent, these guys will take a cut from the sale price when the plate sells. Unlike an estate agent however, this isn't going to be a couple of percent - on average these guys take 25% - 30% commission!

Okay, that doesn't sound so great, so you might want to try some free selling sites, such as Gumtree, or one of the Buy, Sell and Swap pages that you see on Facebook, but in our experience you will probably be wasting your time on places like these. When you were looking for a number plate, did you check on Gumtree or Buy, Sell and Swap sites? Probably not, and potential buyers of your plate won't either.

What you need then, is a number plate classifieds website, like a Auto Trader style site, but for private number plates! The great news for you is that you've found it. Here at Plate-Trader, we're the UK's leading number plate marketplace, visited by thousands of number plate searchers every week. You can advertise your plate here for a small monthly fee of just £4.95! There's no need to keep coming back and relisting, we'll advertise it for you UNTIL it sells, and when it does, there are no hidden or extra charges and no commission, you'll keep 100% of the selling price!

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