Why buy number plates privately?

There are many reasons why people everyday are choosing to buy number plates privately rather than via other sources, such as number plate dealers, in this guide, we look at some of the advantages of buying privately.

Find more desirable plates

Buying a number plate from the DVLA means you only have the choice of 'new' number plates that haven't already been registered to a car. So if you're looking for a particular plate, especially one that spells out a word or something particularly desirable or eye catching, you may have to look towards a private seller. This is because some of the best plates will have already changed hands several times before finding their way back onto the market.

Cut out the middleman & save time

When you buy a number plate through a dealer, they are often acting as a middleman and relaying messages from buyer to seller and vice versa. Why use them to contact a private seller when you can instantly call or email somebody directly?

Cut out the middleman & save money

Buying number plates via number plate dealers means you are not only paying the seller of the number plate, but you are also paying the dealer's commission, which can add hundreds if not thousands to the asking price of a plate. This can put some number plates, that you could potentially afford to buy direct from a seller, out of reach because of the inflated price. Buying number plates privately through Plate-Trader means that not only do you avoid paying a hefty commission but you also stand to save money as you are negotiating directly with the seller.

Deal Direct

By actually speaking to the person selling the number plate you are likely to get a better deal.

When you buy anything privately, for example a car, it's always possible to save some money as there is no third party involved and no fees or commission.

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