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Search For A Plate

Search For A Plate

Search and find your perfect plate from thousands being advertised directly by their owners.

Make An Enquiry

Make An Enquiry

Unlike with number plate dealers, you can get in direct contact with the seller and make an offer.

Arrange The Purchase Privately

Arrange The Purchase Privately

Only pay the sellers asking price, not a price inflated by fees or dealer commission.

Create An Advert

Create An Advert

Your ad will feature a contact form allowing potential buyers to message you directly.

Receive Enquiries

Receive Enquiries

Unlike with number plate dealers, receive offers with all your potential buyer's contact details.

Arrange Your Sale Privately

Arrange Your Sale Privately

Keep 100% of your number plates selling price. No middlemen = no commission.

No Commission

All of the registrations on this site are being advertised directly by their owners, so there are no agents/middlemen and no commission.

Thousands Of Plates Available

We have a large variety of number plates available direct from the sellers. Search thousands of number plates on offer.

Deal Directly With Buyers

Use our contact forms to message the owners of all our plates directly and make them an offer.

Save £££'s

Dealers & auction sites take between 10% and 30% commission. With us you keep 100% of your selling price.

Huge Exposure

Your number plate will be seen by thousands who visit us every week, and promoted to over 60,000 fans on social media.

Deal Directly With Buyers

Your ad will allow buyers to get in touch with you directly & arrange the sale privately.

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We're different to other private number plate sites. We believe that buying or selling a personalised number plate should be as simple as buying or selling a car and that buyers & sellers should be able to deal with each other directly, without dealers, auction sites, or other middlemen taking a percentage of the sale price.

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"Very impressed with Plate Trader, they've helped me sell two reg plates now and were very efficient and professional on both occasions. I would definitely recommend them. For an easy, quick sale these are the guys to use. Thank you very much."

Duncan Bannatyne OBE D.Sc. DBA
Chairman - The Bannatyne Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions

Who are Plate Trader and what do you do?

We are the UK's leading number plate classifieds website.

Our site is an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of number plates and allows them to contact each other directly without going through any dealers or middlemen.

This means that there is no commission taken from/added to the sale price of any number plates, which saves both parties money!

How is Plate Trader different to other number plate websites?

We believe that buying or selling a private plate should be as simple as buying or selling a car and that buyers & sellers should be able to deal with each other directly, without dealer middlemen taking a percentage of the sale price.

Unlike other number plate sites, all of the plates on our website are advertised directly by their owners and we don't re-advertise DVLA plates. With Plate Trader, buyers and sellers get in contact with each other and deal directly, cutting out the middlemen, such as dealers or auction websites, and their fees and commission.

This means, as a seller, you get 100% of your plates value and don't have to give a percentage away in fees or commission, and as a buyer, you only pay the asking price the seller wants for their plate and not an over-inflated price that incorporates dealers commission!

If Plate Trader don't take any commission, how do you make money?

We charge a small monthly/annual fee to advertise a number plate on our website. 

The monthly/annual fee helps us to cover the costs of running and marketing the website, getting it in front of the eyes and at the fingertips of millions of  potential buyers. 

This is our only fee, there are no other fees or commissions to pay when a sale is completed.

Can you help me to sell my number plate?

Yes, we'd love to help you sell your number plate. 

We're a classifieds site/marketplace, allowing buyers and sellers to contact each other directly with no middleman and no commission. This means you are in full control of the sale and get to keep 100% of your plates selling price, rather than a percentage being taken as commission as it would be with a traditional number plate dealer.

When you advertise your plate with us, your advert will display an enquiry form which buyers will be able to complete, and these enquiries will be delivered to you directly. You'll receive an SMS and an email alert to inform you, and will have the option to respond and manage your enquiries within the Message Centre in your account.

When it comes to completing the sale, we are pleased to offer an escrow service, which provides peace of mind and protection to both parties. The buyer makes their payment into a secure account, the seller is then notified that the payment has been made and can transfer the registration, the buyer then confirms receipt and funds are released. In the unlikely event of any problems, our disputes team will protect you.

We offer a 7 day free trial on our adverts, so you can try us out at no cost and you could even sell it within the trial period, so it won't cost you a penny!

If this sounds good to you, take a look at our selling page to see the benefits of advertising with us :) 

How much is my number plate worth?

Generally speaking, the less you have to think about what a number plate reads, or the shorter the plate, the better, although this is not always strictly true. There are many considerations when putting a monetary value on a particular plate, such as the type of plate, the letters and numbers within the plate and how popular they are, or in some cases, what the plate reads or represents.

If you want some advice on valuing your own number plate, then please read this guide.

However, we know that valuing number plates can be difficult, and many people struggle, so we're pleased to offer a comprehensive Number Plate Valuations service.

If you just want a valuation and are not looking to sell, you can purchase a standalone valuation for just £9.99 (per plate) and our team with over a decade of experience in the number plate market, will provide a completely unbiased and impartial valuation. 

Alternatively, if you are looking to sell your number plate, then it's worth mentioning that all Premium Adverts placed on our site include a free valuation. 

Why do you charge for valuations when other sites offer them for free?

Many number plate sites offering free valuations are dealers, and they do this to obtain your contact details. They keep a database of the owners of plates, and in many cases will advertise and attempt to sell your number plate on a commission basis. They have this written into their T&C’s so your number plate will be marketed for sale unless you explicitly opt out. 

In many cases, their valuations can be inaccurate as they don’t provide an actual value, but rather a figure that they will return to you on sale. This figure is how much they’ll aim to give you after accounting for their commission but isn’t really an accurate representation of how much your number plate is actually worth, or how much they'll sell it for.

Finally, some of them are computer generated, which means an algorithm just generates a figure based on how many characters in the plate etc. and cannot actually see what it might mean or look like. 

The reason we charge for valuations is because our valuations are completely impartial and take us time to carry out. We do not advertise your plate for sale or do anything with your contact details, and we carry out all valuations manually using over a decade of experience and research to give you a truly accurate figure as to what we believe your plate is worth. 

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