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Our Experts Get To Work

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Certificate In Your Inbox

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“Very impressed with Plate Trader, they've helped me sell two reg plates now and were very efficient and professional on both occasions. I would definitely recommend them. For an easy, quick sale these are the guys to use. Thank you very much.”

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Chairman - The Bannatyne Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions

How much is my number plate worth?

Generally speaking, the less you have to think about what a number plate reads, or the shorter the plate, the better, although this is not always strictly true. There are many considerations when putting a monetary value on a particular plate, such as the type of plate, the letters and numbers within the plate and how popular they are, or in some cases, what the plate reads or represents.

If you want some advice on valuing your own number plate, then please read this guide.

However, we know that valuing number plates can be difficult, and many people struggle, so we're pleased to offer a comprehensive Number Plate Valuations service.

If you just want a valuation and are not looking to sell, you can purchase a standalone valuation for just £9.99 (per plate) and our team with over a decade of experience in the number plate market, will provide a completely unbiased and impartial valuation. 

Alternatively, if you are looking to sell your number plate, then it's worth mentioning that all Premium Adverts placed on our site include a free valuation. 

Why do you charge for valuations when other sites offer them for free?

Many number plate sites offering free valuations are dealers, and they do this to obtain your contact details. They keep a database of the owners of plates, and in many cases will advertise and attempt to sell your number plate on a commission basis. They have this written into their T&C’s so your number plate will be marketed for sale unless you explicitly opt out. 

In many cases, their valuations can be inaccurate as they don’t provide an actual value, but rather a figure that they will return to you on sale. This figure is how much they’ll aim to give you after accounting for their commission but isn’t really an accurate representation of how much your number plate is actually worth, or how much they'll sell it for.

Finally, some of them are computer generated, which means an algorithm just generates a figure based on how many characters in the plate etc. and cannot actually see what it might mean or look like. 

The reason we charge for valuations is because our valuations are completely impartial and take us time to carry out. We do not advertise your plate for sale or do anything with your contact details, and we carry out all valuations manually using over a decade of experience and research to give you a truly accurate figure as to what we believe your plate is worth. 

Where is my valuation? When will I receive it?

We complete all valuations manually, independently researching the number plate market to give you as accurate a value as possible, so they do take us some time to carry out.

Your PDF valuation certificate will be sent to you via email (this can sometimes find itself into your junk mail) and will also be available for download from within your account within 48 hours of you requesting it (or placing a Premium advert).

Do you offer valuations for legal purposes i.e. divorce or probate?

Our valuations, whilst giving an accurate appraisal of a number plates current value, are not designed to be used by the legal or insurance industry.

If you need a valuation for this purpose, we recommend contacting the Cherished Number Dealers Association.

I've placed a Premium Advert and am trying to get a valuation, why is your website still asking me for payment?

If you have placed a Premium Advert we will automatically send you a valuation (usually within 48 hours of you placing the advert), there is no need to request one separately. 

Do I need to advertise my plate at the price you value it at?

Absolutely not. Our valuations are merely our opinion of what a number plate could sell for, taking into account many factors and using over a decade of experience in the number plate market. When you advertise a plate on our site, however, you are in total control of the advert and can set whatever asking price you like.

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