DVLA Auction Fees Calculator

DVLA auctions can be fantastic places to acquire previously unissued number plates, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that when you bid in an auction, the amount you bid is not the total price you’ll pay, as there is VAT, the Buyers Premium and the Assignment Fee to pay on top.

You can use our free calculators below to calculate the total cost of a number plate based on how much you bid, or to calculate the highest bid you should place based on your budget.

Calculate the total cost of a number plate including fees

If you're bidding on a number plate but want to be sure of how much it's going to cost in total, this calculator will show you how much the VAT and other fees will amount to, giving you the total price.

Please enter your maximum bid (hammer price) below to see exactly what fees and VAT will be applied on top.

Calculate the maximum you should bid based on your budget

If you have a fixed budget that you're comfortable spending, this calculator will show you the maximum you should bid up to, making sure that the fees and VAT do not take you over budget.

Please enter your maximum budget below to see exactly how much you should bid up to to avoid going over budget.


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